Dar Msallema -                           
    'House of the Embroiderer'

Welcome to my treasure trove of handmade textile items. My creations are inspired by the individual qualities of the fabrics I use. Alongside a beautiful range of materials with colours of every imaginable hue, I embellish many of my items with hand-finished applique, patchwork, beadwork and embroidery. Each piece shows great attention to detail, and is finished with an artistic twist.

Each creation is a 'one-off' and therefore unique

A little like drawing with scissors, it is cut free-hand, and made into whatever the fabric suggested at the time. Techniques used include applique, patchwork, fabric painting, embroidery and embellishing. I use a mixture of materials including new, vintage, re-used and reclaimed, with a wide colour palette ranging from subtle shades to vivid hues, adding to the individuality of each creation.

I started as a painter and illustrator, and later transferred these skills to working with textiles. My studio is situated in the heart of Devon in a complex of studios housing other artists and craftworkers., For more information and products to buy, please visit my  shop on Etsy  (which will be continually updated.)


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